Our Philosophy and Mission

As You Can Imagine, Chiropractic Works For all Ages and Walks Of Life.

Subluxations (misalignments in the spine) can begin at birth and progress throughout life. Interruption to proper nerve flow by subluxations can affect your overall health. Healthy cell metabolism, organ function and sharp mental focus are all jeopardized with decreased nerve flow. Correcting subluxations greatly improves the body’s ability to regain optimal health. It’s common to see entire families choosing chiropractic because no one is ever too young or too old to obtain a healthy nervous system for life. See Interactive Spine.

Families that get Adjusted Together, stay Healthy Together!

That’s why we have special programs and savings for families who choose Rocnick Chiropractic.

Rodnick Chiropractic’s Philosophy is based on our unique and very successful approach to health care and maintenance. We primarily look to the spine and nervous system in our approach to health care. When the vertebrae of the spine misalign they put pressure on the nerves. This affects the function of the signals from the brain to the body. We adjust the spine to reduce any pressure on the nervous system. This allows the nervous system to function better. When the nervous system works better the health and function of the body, as a whole will improve. This increase in the function of the nervous system allows the body to work at its optimum genetic potential and heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

Our mission is to change the world by transforming lives: supporting as many families as possible in their quest for health, to educate everyone about their body’s innate ability to heal and how chiropractic can help achieve optimal health and to encourage them to educate others.

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