Woman’s Health Improves After Severe Whiplash

New Patient Gets Relief from Migraines

Young Athlete Helped through Chiropractic

Young Woman Helped with Endometriosis through Rodnick Chiropractic

Patient Testimonial

When Layla first came to our office her neck was kinked to the side. She had torticollis or wryneck. She could not walk straight. She seemed in a lot of pain. She was not a happy cat, actually a White Bengal Tiger. Her father/owner had met Dr. Rodnick before and had the doctor adjust some of his other “cats”. They flew in from Texas so Layla could be adjusted. Layla had intensive care since she would not be in town long. The first day her neck was straighter and she was walking straight, straight into the wall and then her neck was twisted again. Before she returned home she was doing much better. You don’t have to understand or believe in chiropractic for it to work. If you have a spine with interference (caused by subluxations), Chiropractic works!

Manic-Depression Improves

When I first came to Rodnick Chiropractic, my major concern was my lower right back pain. I had this pain for over two years. I also had headaches daily and took lots of Tylenol for it. I never imagined it would effect manic-depression. In the past years I had tried physical therapy and many medications. Before coming in I slept with a heating pad nearly every night. The only thing that helped in pain relief for lower back pain was the heating pad and then only when I was using it. It has only been two months. I can keep up with my 3-5 godchildren without lower back pain. After the first two sessions, I have only had two headaches. For 13 years I have taken 2100 mg of Lithium. Today my doctor reduced it to 1800 mg. This hasn’t ever happened in the 13 years that I have been taking Lithium. It may seem small to you, but, I had given up on hoping. Thank you Chiropractic. I wish that I had gone to a chiropractor sooner. I would recommend Chiropractic to others.


Hearing Improves

When I first came to Rodnick Chiropractic, my four-year-old daughter was failing her hearing test. We were using antihistamines but got no results. Now after chiropractic care, her hearing has improved and she passed her hearing tests. It was no time before I noticed improvements with her health. I also noticed that she is healthier and not as sick anymore. I would recommend chiropractic to others.


Pain Reduced

I have been a patient at Rodnick Chiropractic for 30 years. Dr. Rodnick has spared me from four operations medical doctors told me I needed.

My pain and suffering has been reduced and in some cases completely alleviated. Dr. Rodnick can’t heal bones but can move them off nerves so the body can heal itself.

I have been off work a few times because of pain. After chiropractic adjustments I was able to return to my duties.

I am happy to make chiropractic a part of my life and health care.

I am very satisfied with Rodnick Chiropractic and am physically able to enjoy a normal life.


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