Rodnick Chiropractic, a chiropractic office chain based in Michigan, works to help users with spinal issues. With experts in spinal realignment and rehabilitation, the company pushes to provide a better pain free living experience to all.

Throughout the years and up through current day, Rodnick Chiropractic, a company specializing in chiropractic care to rehabilitate individuals with issues in the spine, has seen great success. For years, the company has been assisting individuals struggling with back pain, neck pain, whiplash, severe headaches, and scoliosis. Early spine issues often lead to more severe problems later in life, which Rodnick Chiropractic hopes to resolve so that every individual can live a life free of lasting spinal pains.

Many spine issues can damage the person’s nervous system, which is contained within the spinal column. This can cause severe pain, disability, and often a loss of range of motion. This is where Rodnick Chiropractic excels in treating such issues. Their team of highly trained professionals have years of experience in such matters, and work diligently to align the spine and nervous system to allow struggling individuals to live a pain free life. Rodnick Chiropractic has made it their goal to assist individuals and families seeking better health, and educate the public on the health benefits provided by chiropractic care. However, Rodnick Chiropractic is not limited to merely spinal issues, and has looked to branch out to support other lasting issues. The company works to help children who have developed autism, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, torticollis, severe ear infections, and other common lasting maleffects on children to provide development at their optimal potential.


This Michigan based company fights extremely hard to improve the health of its customers, no matter the age or prior medical status. A life with pain is a life that isn’t deserved by anbody, and Rodnick Chiropractic looks to resolve or alleviate lasting issues to provide better health and comfortable living to all. The company has offices located throughout Michigan, with their Commerce Township office located at 2685 Union Lake Rd, Commerce Twp., MI 48382. It is never too early for better health.